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Want a Kaftan Dress? Visit Stylofi

At Stylofi, sales of a garment that has been worn forever in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia have increased in the past few months. Kaftans are simply loved by women because they are free flowing, extravagant and versatile. Kaftans are gaining popularity amongst women as they can be worn everywhere and also in every season.

How the Humble Kaftan made its Way in Contemporary Fashion?

The humble kaftan has always been a symbol for bohemian lifestyle and exoticism. It is often considered to be a catchall term in the world of fashion. It is a loose fit tunic or robe that often acts as an umbrella term for a number of clothing from the North African and the Middle East.

A traditional kaftan will be a narrow cut garment with full sleeves coupled with deep open necklines and an open lower portion. The humble kaftan slowly made its way into the word of contemporary fashion during the late 70s and early 80s. It was often designed with beads, beautiful patterns and sometimes presented with a minimalistic look.

The popularity of kaftan amongst fashion forward individuals was not confined to the niche and elite. It also saw a significant rise in popularity in the mass markets around the world. The reason behind it all one might ask, well it is simple, and the kaftan is a symbolic representation of both eroticism and exoticism.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for a Kaftan Dress

Traditionally, kaftans were worn by the royalties as a robe over their clothes with a floor touching length. Initially, kaftans were composed of silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton. Today, however, kaftans are available in different fabrics. It has become versatile fashion wear as well as casual wear which is preferred mostly by women.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting a kaftan dress

The Fabric

Kaftans are made of fabrics which are free-flowing. For unplanned trips or informal occasions, kaftans made from silk or cotton are the best as they are sweat absorbent. On the other hand, kaftans made from georgette, rayon, and satin can be worn on formal occasion.

The Length

Kaftan dresses are available in varying lengths. For office or meetings, the medium-sized printed kaftans can be teamed up with leggings. Short kaftans can be worn over slim-fit bottom wear like shorts and jeans when choosing the casual look. Moreover, the long length kaftans can be worn on occasions instead of a gown.

Pair Kaftans With Accessories

As the tunics are loose fitting and oversized, hence, small sized bags would look good with kaftans. For informal outings, a small purse looks stylish, whereas, for parties, the long and sparkly kaftans can be paired with a glistening small sized clutch. Smaller sized accessories are suitable with kaftans as they don’t make the wearer look oversized.

The Right Footwear

Shoes to pair with the kaftans must be chosen carefully. The type and color of the kaftans play a vital role in the selection of footwear styles. Wedges and nude heels look best with kaftans. For parties, stilettos in colors such as gold, silver, and copper can be worn.

Choosing the Right Jewelry

To look gorgeous and appealing, the jewelry needs to be selected carefully as well. Bangles, bracelets and heavy earrings look great with kaftans. Usually, neckpieces are not chosen as because the ornamented kaftans offer the desired amount of glimmer.