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In tunics, kaftans are loved by women around the world because they are free-flowing and versatile. During summertime or wintertime and as casual wear or formal wear, kaftans are finding resonance with a large percentage of women. Also, more and more ladies are opting to shop online for these clothing items. There are several online retailers that stock a wide assortment of kaftans in varied styles. You can browse through their collection and then, take your pick amongst the lot.

Some varieties of V-neck kaftans that you can avail include the Nova, Twinkle, Rogue, Pippa, Caspian, Rocco, Gianna and Cloe ones. Kaftans in batik prints and having kimono sleeves are available as well. Kaftans in colors such as blue, pink, red, orange, and green are increasingly being opted by the womenfolk. Additionally, the multicolored ones are highly popular as well.

You can choose to wear the free-size kaftans with an adjustable belt for your comfort and making you look stylish. For a western or ethnic look, the kaftans suit your purpose; however, the designs tend to differ. During ancient times, kaftans were worn only by the Royals. But nowadays, women from all walks of life are seen adorning them.

Nevertheless, kaftans have to be paired with accessories. You can choose to accessorize yourself with hair sticks, earrings, and necklaces for complementing your tunics. Also, in the following details, you can find information on how to dress in kaftans for seeming like a fashionista.

Fabrics Matter

Kaftans are made of flowy fabrics and you can make your choice as per the occasion you’re attending. For casual outings or a fun day at the beach, natural fabrics such as silk or cotton are deemed suitable as they absorb sweat and keep you cool. On the other hand, kaftans that are composed of fabrics such as silk, georgette, rayon, and satin can be chosen for the formal dos.

Kaftan Lengths

Kaftans are available in short, medium, and long designs. For office wear, the medium-sized printed varieties of kaftans can be paired with leggings. The short kaftans can be worn over slim-fit bottom-wear, such as shorts and jeans, when opting for the casual look. Moreover, when you are attending wedding functions, the long-length kaftans can be selected rather than a gown.

Accessorize Yourself

When adorning kaftans, you need to pay attention to your accessories as well, if you want to put your best foot forward. The small-sized bags go well with kaftans because the tunics are loose-fitting and oversized. Nevertheless, you should make sure that your accessories are well-matched with your kaftans. A small purse for a casual outing looks chic; whereas, for evening dos, the long and shiny kaftans can be teamed with a gleaming small-sized clutch. The idea is not to make yourself look oversized as kaftans are anyways large in size, and the smaller-sized accessories are found to be more suitable for this type of tunic wear.

Choosing Your Shoes

The selection of your shoes that you choose to pair with your kaftans must be made while keeping in mind the type and color of the tunics. Wedges and nude heels can be worn with kaftans. For parties, high heels in colors such as silver and gold can be chosen as per the shade of your kaftan.

Jewelry Selection

When you choose to wear kaftans, your jewelry needs to be considered carefully too, if you want to look attractive. Normally, neckpieces are not preferred because the embellished kaftans offer the desired amount of bling anyways. Rather you should opt for heavy earrings; furthermore, bangles and bracelets can be worn as well.