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Shopping for Hair Sticks at Stylofi

There are varied types of hair sticks that are available at the fashion stores. They can be described as piercing devices, measuring between 5-9 inches lengthwise, and you can use them for setting your hair in a bun or other hairstyles. Some varieties of hair sticks are decorative and contain elaborate designs; however, there are simple varieties as well. Depending on the craftsmanship, materials used and varied styles, the hair sticks are priced accordingly.

If you are looking to own a few pairs of hair sticks, the website of Stylofi can be visited. Some variants of hair sticks that you can view on the site are Ebony Bone hair sticks, Eky or Bead hair sticks, Enkyo hair sticks, Ethna hair forks, Genki hair sticks, and Metal hair sticks. The hair sticks at Stylofi are hand-crafted by skilled artisans and you can use them to secure your hair in several styles. Also, you can be assured of the standard of the hair accessories as the company is stringent when it comes to quality.

The Ebony hair sticks contain materials such as bone and beads, and are available in brown and white shades; also, they measure 6.1” in size.

Where the Eky hair sticks are concerned, you can order them from the Stylofi website too. Made of materials such as beads and brass and measuring 6.8” in size, they are available in black shades.

The Enkyo hair sticks are made of materials such as beads and brass. Also, they measure 4.8” in size and can be availed in beige colors.

If you love Tibetan beads, then you may want to consider buying the Ethna hair sticks. They measure 5.1” in size, are orange in color and made of metal and beads.

The Genki hair sticks are red in color and measure 6.1” in size. Also, they contain materials such as beads and aluminum.

You may want to consider owning the Metal hair sticks because of their durable features. If your hair is thick and unruly, these hair accents are perfect for keeping your hair in place. They are composed of oxidized metal and measure 7” in size. Also, you can choose from varieties such as Haathi, Surya, Mitra, Pesca, Ganesha, and Dharma.

Through online methods, you can order for hair sticks from Stylofi. Under the ‘Products’ section, from the drop-down menu, you can choose hair sticks. Thereafter, you will be directed to the page that displays the different versions of hair sticks. You have to click on specific ones for a detailed description of the items. If you want to place your order, you have to enter the Quantity required after which you can click on ‘Add to Cart’ option. When you are placing your order, you will need to enter certain personal details for further processing. Also, you can make your payment via Card or Paypal method. After placing your order, the company will take around 10-15 days for delivery. Moreover, if you have any queries pertaining to your online purchases, you can visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and input the query and expect a reply soon. Happy Shopping!